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Aunt Edna-Uncle Bob-Aunt Hazel


Childress Family

Connie Lyday

Connie Lyday

Cornie Banta


Dodie and Gene Childress

Don and Connie Lyday

Don and Connie Lyday

Dodie Banta

Dodie and Gene Childress

Edna-David-Hazel Haynes

Hazel Banta Aug 1966

Hazel Banta at home

Hazel Banta

Kenny 3yrs and Shirley Banta

Robert and Hazel


Alyssa Michelle Nahun April 7 2004 Ken's grand daughter

Becky - Ralph and Family

Becky and Ralph Oldes

Becky's GrandKids Jeremy

Becky's grandson Carter

Becky's son Shawn


Connie and Mick wedding Don-Shirley Lyday

Connie-Mark and Becky-Cindy

Cornie-Gene and Dodie Childress

Cornie and Hazel Banta

Cornie and Hazel with Dodie

Cornie with grandchildren


Delores and Gene Childress

Delores Banta age 2yr

Delores Banta

Delores Cornie and Shirley

Dick and Connie Neice

Dodie and Diane King

Dodie and grandchildren

Dodie on 13 1/2 street

Dodie on horse on N 16th

Dodie's Children Becky-Cindy-Pam-Ken

Dodie's daughter Cindy with Rob

Dodie's grandchildren

Dodie's grandchildren Marky-Jimmy-Heather

Dodie's grandson Derek-Cindy's son

Dodie's grandson-Becky's son

Dodie's greatgrandson Dylan-heathers son 20mos

Edna Neice holding baby

Gene and Dodie 25th wedding aniv

Gene and Dodie with family

Hazel and Cornie with the Buick

Hazel and grandchildren

Hazel at birthday party

Hazel Banta

Hazel Banta

Hazel Banta

Hazel Banta-young

Hazel Banta-Nora and Virgil Haynes

Heather and Jarred-Dodie's granddaughter

Jack Haynes-Dog Catcher

Jennifer Cox-Terri Cox daughter

Jeremy Heather Markie

Jim King and family

JoAnn and Dodie

JoAnn Pruner at Hazel's 70th birthday

Kaleb Nahoun 2yr Ken's grandson

Ken and Margaret Banta

Ken Banta and Grampa Haynes

Ken Banta

Ken Banta-young

Ken Banta

Ken Childress and family

Ken Children team

Ken Childress with daughter Abbie

Ken's band-Ken far right

Ken's children Josh and Abbie

Kenny Banta

Margaret and Kenny Banta

Margaret and Kenny

Mark and Kathy Lyday

Magan Cox

Nora Haynes and Anne Marie

Pam and Mark

Roy Gene Childress and Kenny


Shirley-Connie and grandkids

Shirley Banta

Shirley Dodie friend Margaret

Shirley's daug Connie and family

Shirley's grandson Matt

Shirley's grandsons Mike and Mark

Terry Lyday

Tracy-Pam's daughter

Tricia Robyn Tabby

Virgil Lee and Nora